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Project Management

We use the PMI® method for project management, including standardized tools and templates for change management, risk mitigation and budget tracking. Our people cross-train functionally, so that we have a collective understanding of both good building design and sound project management practices.

We have developed proven procurement documents for clear contracts with general contractors or design-builders, and are able to manage multiple contracts for any size of project.

This means your project is served as expected.

On-Site Project Management

Once a design and plan have been developed, it’s time to execute. We offer on-site project management when you would like to have daily monitoring of scope, schedule, and budget. We live in the world of project execution, this is what we do and our on-site project management team is your advocate on the ground.

Job Market Analysis

  • Identifying labour market size
  • Determining compensation requirements

Location Assessment

  • Determine if selected property will meet the needs for the production goals
  • Identify key factors for facility location
  • Assist with finding suitable greenfield and brownfield locations

Facility Evaluation

  • Conduct building condition analysis
  • Assess for building code deficiencies
  • Analyze facility cost projections
  • Determine organizational needs
  • Assess hygienic requirements of facility

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