Food Plant Engineering

Whether you’re investing in a new industrial complex or making small renovations, IFAB helps you move quickly from concept to completion, with an in-house team of engineers and designers.

Connect with a Food and Building Professional

Designing your food plant takes more than a standard set of skills. While you’re ready to turn up the heat and get started, considering waste streams, throughput efficiencies, expansion, and hygienic requirements, is only a starting point to be successful when building a food processing plant.

You’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, but you can avoid mistakes by trusting experienced food engineers when building a processing plant.

From start to finish, our hand-selected, multidisciplinary engineering team offers creative solutions for maximum value in your supply chain.

Building Design

When our building team designs your building, we identify all code compliance items, considerations for employees, product flow, and the appropriate thermal designs. We utilize in-house expertise for industrial buildings and we have a network of professional architects for large-scale endeavours.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers provide balanced, creative, and practical solutions on a range of projects — big and small. Two of our areas of expertise include building condition assessments and building renovation design. We have a range of experience in structural and light-gauge steel, cast-in-place and precast concrete, heavy timber, wood, and masonry.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is essential in the food and beverage sector. Mechanical engineers provide a wide range of analysis and design for heating and ventilation, process water, steam and natural gas, and underground plumbing. An experienced team with an advanced understanding of equipment systems and components allows IFAB to deliver real-world mechanical solutions.

Electrical Engineering

To design your balanced, safe, and energy efficient project, you need exceptional electrical engineers. With expertise in power supply, distribution, and lighting, our team can transform your location, while ensuring hygienic design practices.

We offer expertise for regulated pre-start health and safety reviews.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling is a process that ensures efficient and collaborative design and construction throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Our designers use the software REVIT® to build 3-Dimensional virtual models that allows for the production of accurate structural drawings.

This method:

  • Provides greater visualization earlier in the design process
  • Reduces duplication of work
  • Ensures a consistent set of construction documentation
  • Identifies errors and conflicts early, reducing risks throughout the life of a project

IFAB is committed to working with the best tools available, to provide you with value and produce the best results.