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Food is not a sideline: it’s what we do. IFAB works exclusively in the food and beverage industry, helping businesses like yours grow every day.

Our in-house team of project managers, designers, and engineers are hand-selected to meet the food and beverage sector’s high production output and hygienic requirements. We are full of experience — but hungry for a challenge.

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There Is a Better Way

Unlock the maximum potential of your current investment or create a plan to increase your return on a future project.

When you decide to expand, renovate, or start fresh, we will help you align near-term expenditures with long-term goals.

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Go from Concept to Completion with Engineering Consultants Who Only Build Facilities for Food

Save time by connecting with experts in the food and beverage sector who are experienced with stringent hygienic design requirements.

From building large industrial complexes to reimagining small interior renovations, we provide the range of in-house engineering and consulting services you need. You can move quickly with our team.

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Our Process for Food Factory Designs and Renovations

Project Definition

Take your great idea and make it a reality. We will guide you in determining your project’s capital investment and how long it will take to implement.

Detailed Design

Exceptional engineers and designers will design your facility to withstand the rigours of food processing and meet or exceed the regulatory demands. Our long-term planning will ensure that your investment today can be adapted for growth tomorrow.


Building from our years of experience in the food industry, we have refined procurement processes that result in clear contracts with suppliers and contractors. Our team will identify a list of local, regional, and national contractors, pre-qualify and engage them to bring you the most competitive bids.

Construction Management

The provision of on-site project management is available for any client who wants daily monitoring of the project’s scope, schedule, and budget.

CQV and Start-Up

A formalized approach to commissioning, qualification, and verification (CQV) will ensure a safe and accelerated start-up curve for your project. Our dedicated CQV team, consisting of multi-disciplinary representatives, will work with you to establish success criteria.

Food Processing Plant Designs for Your Industry


Beef, Poultry, Pork, Fish and Seafood, Pet Food, and Plant-Based Alternatives

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Bakery and Snack Food

Bread, Pasta, Rolls, Salty Snacks, Cookies, and Other Baked Goods

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Assembled Products

Food Service, Ready-to-Eat Meals, and Assembled Kits

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Value-Added Food Products

Soups, Sauces, and Other Secondary Products

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Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese

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Nutraceutical and Biotechnology

Nutraceutical, Biotechnology, and Hemp

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Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Juices and Carbonated Drinks

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Hungry for an Opportunity in Food Engineering?

Join a team of food-loving individuals who are committed to keeping the world well-fed.

We offer continual career development, competitive compensation,
and bacon — after all, “We Work for Food”!

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