The IFAB team has worked with many clients and their projects involving renovations, expansions and building brand new facilities in bakery, confectionery, and snack food production.

We understand the delicacy of ingredients, as well as the special handling and storage requirements for bulk items. We are well versed in the baking and frying processes, allowing us the ability to create an optimized and hygienic building and infrastructure to accommodate the specialized processes for each of our clients.

Once the food products have been cooked, we can also manage the methods of cooling and packaging them – from full-scale spiral freezers to cooling tunnels.  We have the expertise to integrate the requirements for process and sanitary water, as well as suitable fire suppression for ovens and fryers.

We have the knowledge and expertise to complete any size of bakery or snack food project, including:

  • Hygienic design of building and M&E infrastructure for bakeries, snack food, pasta & confectionery product lines
  • Continuous line baking of bread, rolls & cookies
  • Continuous line fryer operations for snack food products
  • Batch baking of bread, cookies & other baked goods
  • Pasta production & cooking
  • IQF for par-baked goods
  • Bulk handling and distribution requirements for flour, sugar & oil
  • Ventilation systems for high heat areas
  • Spiral coolers
  • Packaging systems for bagged, wrapped & cello
  • CO2 suppression systems for fryers
  • Experience with regulated design of BRC, AIB & HACCP certification



Our professional team has been involved in many projects, with varying specifications, throughout Canada.

East Indian Bakery, Southern Ontario – Facilitated master facility plan with client and designed fast track facility renovation to consolidate three facilities under one roof.  Included fryer lines, bakery, custom food preparation, and retail store.

Baked Goods National Producers, Southern Ontario – Designed infrastructure renovation to changeover existing warehouse for fast track move in of multiple product lines, mix of batch and continuous systems for a high profile, high volume bakery.

Teaching & Innovation Center, Southern Ontario – Renovated existing classroom space into bakery teaching facility complete with overcoming challenges of ventilation in an institutional facility.

Tortilla Line Expansion, Northern Alberta  – Installation of a new baked goods line at the Edmonton facility.

Pie & Baked Goods Manufacturer, Southern Ontario – Prepared preliminary building design for a 78,000 square foot bakery plant for design/build and prepared process installation drawings for new and relocated equipment.

Industrial Bakery, Southern Ontario – Team members led hygienic design and project management of the new facility of more than 300,000 square foot for bread, rolls, and English muffins with building LEED® Silver design and all amenities. Included details for bulk flour and ingredient piping, spiral cooling, and multiple types of packaging.

High Speed Bakery Facility, Southern Ontario – Design and project/construction management of a 25,000 square foot expansion and plant renovation of a federally inspected bakery plant.  The $11M plant included the installation of a new high-speed bakery line.

IFAB team members also have experience with:

  • Snack Food Production
  • Chocolate

Contact us for a full description of our expertise and services in the baking, confectionery and snack food processing industries.