Need a hand with understanding how to streamline process flow and fit equipment in a particular space?
We can help.

Trying to assess what your budget for capital investment will be?

We can help.

Making a decision as to whether to expand, renovate, or start fresh with a new green field site?

We can help.


IFAB’s professional team is particularly good at:

  • Strategic growth planning and preliminary concept design to allow for realistic capital pricing, complete with a long term Master Facility Plan.
  • Detailed coordination with equipment suppliers to allow for the “right size” of building.
  • Process flow efficiency evaluations for manufacturing and supply chain optimization.
  • Thinking through problem solving – including reaching out to our extended network of experts around the world – to find reasonable and value added solutions.
  • Evaluation of existing buildings being contemplated for renovation to a particular type of food processing.


When it is time to expand your growing business, how do you make sure that every step you take now does not become an obstacle during the next expansion?

The proactive method is to plan for the long-term so that every investment in the short-term is aligned and directed toward the overall end in mind.

A Master Facility Plan (MFP) is a set of process equipment layouts, building adjustments, specification documents, and budgetary estimates that together define a phased, paced and prudent capital investment over a two to ten year timeframe.  It is designed to:

  • Eliminate duplication of spending.
  • Maximize overall value.
  • Eliminate redundancies.
  • Estimate the “right size” of the operation.

Working together with our clients, we account for future productivity goals and additional space requirements all aimed at optimized throughput at the lowest possible investment costs.

Several of our clients have reaped the long-term benefits of this excellent upfront planning, particularly with Live AutoCAD design sessions.  Getting it right at the beginning allows for a blueprint that is easy to follow for long-term growth.

Live AutoCAD