~soups, sauces, food service, specialty tea, ready-to-eat meats, assembled kits, teaching centres, pet food, etc~

The definition of “value-added” means many things to many people.  For us at IFAB, this is the category where primary products are combined – or shaped, or processed, or packaged – together in order to create a secondary product that is new and innovative in the market.  It encompasses food service and the categories of both protein and vegetable secondary processing.

Clients in this category need fast-to-market solutions.  Each is unique in the specifics and the delicacy of the trade secret recipe.  At IFAB, we pride ourselves on the diversity of knowledge for the wide variety of processes, and how we collaborate with clients to create their unique solution.  We then design the processing and distribution facility around that solution to create the optimal value for both the short and the long-term.

We have the knowledge and expertise on a wide range of food and beverage products:

  • Hygienic design of building and M&E infrastructure for vegetable processing, food service assembly, meat breading and cooking to IQF & dry ingredient mixing
  • Continuous line oven, fryer & charbroil operations
  • Vegetable storage, sorting, cleaning & cutting operations
  • Large batch mixing of soups and sauces, including bulk ingredient metering
  • Changeover from small quantity mixing to large quantity mixing
  • Process flow analysis to eliminate bottlenecks and increase throughput
  • Warehouse distribution systems for easy access to multiple ingredients and/or product lines
  • Assembly of food service individual trays
  • Wash down rooms for all moveable equipment, trays & tubs
  • Packaging systems using pouches, bags, tubs – with mixed SKUs for individual consumption and food service
  • Applicable design requirements from CFIA, USDA, BRC, AIB, HACCP certifications


Speciality Teas Manufacturing & Distribution, Ontario – Worked with long-term client through multiple stages of growth with expansion and new facilities in order to increase productivity, manage current space to allow for increased order volume, and decrease dwell time of products.

Retail and Foodservice Meat Products, Alberta — Assisted a family-run company with all options to manage continuous growth, resulting in a brand new facility with state of the art equipment.

National Sauce & Soup Specialists, Alberta – Completed a multi-stage master facility plan design to maximize use of existing space while increasing throughput, storage, and office space in an environment of constant growth.

Sous Vide Processing Experts, Alberta – Assisted a specialty start-up company moving to full commercialization of a “culinary arts meets technical innovation” process.

Airline Food Service Facility, Ontario – Renovated a multi-bay commercial unit into a single 45,000 square foot facility for cooking and assembling meals for airline.

Teaching & Innovation Center, Southern Ontario – Renovated existing classroom space into vegetable processing teaching facility, complete with high-speed tray pack.

Lunch Kit Assembly Facility, Southern Ontario – Designed and coordinated renovation of 54,000 square foot warehouse to new CFIA approved lunch kit assembly facility.

Team Members also have experience with:

  • Assembly of Ready-to-Eat Meals
  • Snack Food Production
  • Soup Products
  • Pasta Products
  • Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Rendering

Contact us for a full description of our expertise and services with creating the perfect space for your perfect recipe.