Our work in the poultry sector has been both extensive and long-term with the top national producers across Canada.  IFAB has completed poultry projects in all sizes – including fully engineered renovations and expansions, feasibilities for new green field development, and extensive studies for process flow modifications.

Our projects include evaluations of methodologies with respect to animal welfare, always a top priority.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Live Receiving & Handling Systems
  • Gas Stunning
  • Slaughter
  • Halal and Kosher
  • Deboning
  • Air Chill Design
  • Further Processing
  • Hygienic Facility Design
  • Air Balancing & Desiccant Systems
  • Utility Engineering
  • Cold Storage Systems


Large Poultry Cooperative, Manitoba – Created, engineered, and managed a master facility plan for an expansion of the existing facility.  Project included a feasibility study for four possible options to upgrade kill to chill operations for chicken and turkey.

National Poultry Operations, South Ontario –  Long-term partnership with national producer for master planning and project execution, including throughput modifications, live receiving systems, hen dolly conversion, kill floor expansion, new air chill, new freezers, auxiliary buildings, and retail outlet.

National Poultry Producer, Alberta – Modifications to existing operations to add cooling capacity and increased dehumidification capabilities.

New Poultry Plant, Nova Scotia – Worked in partnership with poultry producer to go from concept to reality for state of the art chicken and turkey processing plant at 190,000 square feet.

Poultry Procession Renovation, Southern Ontario – Design and project management of renovation and expansion of existing industrial building to create a 70,000 square foot poultry processing plant.

Our team also has project expertise with:

  • Grain Storage and Feed for Poultry
  • Egg Handling and Cracking Systems

Contact us for a full description of our expertise and services with chicken and turkey.