IFAB’s technical and process expertise is sought by pork producers across Canada and into the US and Mexico.   Not only have our team members worked at several different facilities, but we also remain current and active with our extensive network of equipment experts so that we have the latest and greatest solutions available.

Our master facility plan process has assisted with many multi-phased expansions; clients universally agree that this process has assisted greatly for overall confidence and best value in increasing throughput.

Project work has included:

  • CO2 Stunning Systems
  • Receiving and Barn Renovations
  • Kill and Cut Floor Expansions
  • Packaging Systems
  • Waste Reduction
  • By-Product Recovery
  • Hygienic Facility Design
  • Japanese Market
  • Air Balancing & Desiccant Systems
  • Utility Engineering
  • Cold Storage Systems


Primary Pork Facility Expansion, Manitoba – Created, engineered, and managed a multi-phase master facility plan to double throughput.  Long-term relationship with client was initiated in 2007, with phases of expansion continuing today.  Provided consulting on all aspects of processes, from barn to new CO2 stunning process, cut floor, packaging, and distribution.

Primary Pork Facility Expansion, Alberta – Consulting, engineering, and project management for several phases of facility expansion, include new carcass cooler, expansion for dry storage, and realignment of internal processes.

Primary Pork Facility Redesign, Iowa – Consulting and Live AutoCAD to modify existing dressing floor, change the facility for dual kill lines, expand cooler, and modify rails.  All design included keeping existing USDA plant running.

Primary Pork Process Redesign, Quebec – Consulting and Live AutoCAD to review multiple layout options for new cut and packaging layout for 600 head per hour.

Primary Pork Process Redesign, Saskatchewan –  Provided a redesign of layout to increase packaging throughput.  Total process “Gap Analysis” to facilitate funding requirements of the SLIM funding program.

Primary Pork Facility Expansion to Double Throughput, Manitoba – Provided on site project management and design leadership for multiple projects to support expansion to second shift.  Projects included dehumidification, blood tanks, rail modifications, boning lines, by-product harvesting.

Secondary Pork Processing Facility Expansion, Manitoba – New process and building expansion to create the largest bacon facility in Canada.

New Service Center, North Carolina – Prepared preliminary building design for a 72,000 square foot case-ready meats processing plant with USDA compliance.  Designed process layouts and coordinated equipment installation and start-up.

Service Centre Rebuild, British Columbia – Prepared preliminary building design for a 67,000 square foot case-ready meats processing plant to replace a building damaged by a fire.  Designed process layouts and coordinated equipment installation and start-up.

Hog Processing Facility, Southern Ontario – Provided design and project management of new 34,000 square foot federally registered hog processing facility for 1000 hogs per day.

Our team also provides expertise in:

  • Sausage and Cured Meats
  • Smokehouse Systems
  • Rendering

Contact us for a full description of our expertise and services with red meat.