IFAB’s work in the beef sector includes both primary and secondary processing with some of the top national processors across Canada.  IFAB has completed beef projects in all sizes – including full facility designs for abattoirs, and equipment and work process modifications to manage bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).


Our projects include evaluations of methodologies with respect to animal welfare, always a top priority.

Project work has included:

  • Live Receiving & Handling Systems
  • Stunning & Slaughter Systems for beef and other species
  • CFIA Regulations for Specified Risk Material (SRM)
  • Cut Floor Optimization
  • Secondary Processing including whole muscle and blended sausage, grinding, hot dog formulation, forming, breading, and charbroil systems
  • Provincial and Federal Registrations
  • Hygienic Facility Design
  • Air Balancing & Desiccant Systems
  • Utilities Engineering
  • Cold Storage Systems


Primary Beef Processing Facility, Atlantic Canada – Analyzed product flow and reconfigured packaging and line layouts for improved productivity.

Primary Beef Processing Facility, Southern Ontario – Conducted a water usage study and redesigned systems for increased efficiencies.

Primary Beef and Multi-Species Processing Facility, Alberta – Completed a Master Facility Plan for a new multi-species federal facility.

Retail and Foodservice Meat Products, Alberta – Assisted a family-run company with all options to manage continuous growth, resulting in a brand new facility with state of the art equipment.

New Service Centers, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and North Carolina   Prepared initial plans and building design for several case-ready meats processing plants with federal compliance.  Designed process layouts and coordinated equipment installation and start-up.

Primary Beef Processing Facility, Saskatchewan – Completed design and procedure modifications in order to be compliant with both SRM regulations and for process throughput improvements.

Secondary Beef Processing Facility, Southern Ontario – Completed design and engineering for a renovation of a facility to secondary beef processing.

Our team has also provided expertise in:

  • Master Facility Planning and engineering for new multi-species primary and secondary processing facility (beef, pork, lamb) in Alberta.
  • Master Facility Planning and process throughput services for new multi-species primary processing facility (beef and bison) in Alberta – 800 head per day, 2 shift operation.
  • Process and building consulting services for process changeover of beef processing to multi-species in Alberta.

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